Friday, January 16, 2009

Mass Kill

So once again the majority got it wrong. This time the victim - Indie 103.1. The last great independent radio station in America. They bid farewell to the airwaves yesterday with no warning, now only to be found streaming online. So not the same, as I have no Internet in the car for my ride to and from work. The 25 minute commute through Laurel Canyon will never be the same jamming to KROQ or worse KISS FM. You know those stations where the masses huddle around to hear the same pop song retooled for the warbled voices of Britney and Katy "Kiss a girl" I don't remember her last name. Is it generic, no like literally, is her last name Generic? Because giving me your best Zoey Deschunel look won't make me like your craptastic vocals any more. So it was with heavy hand I hit the scan button in my car this morning and landed upon The Sound, another independent frequency. Sadly the morning DJ introduced the Delta Spirit with a mellow smooth jazz monotoned voice, reminding me why I hate change.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year! I hope all are happy and well. I know I am. This year has brought me great luck. First, I made it to another birthday yesterday. Second, I will have a new writing gig starting shortly. Please feel free to check out and follow And last, but definitely not least, apparently writing a Romantic Comedy leads to just that. I highly recommend it. So to 2009 I say chin chin.