Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mere Hours

Odd how mere hours change so much. This morning I woke renewed, filled with forgiveness. Seeing a fresh perspective and the endless possibility of what lay ahead. Then with guard down, doubt came with fear of Friday. Not knowing if it would be the first day of the rest of my life. The thaw is fleeting letting in the cold...

Monday, September 29, 2008


So it begins again. The Excel is opened. The outline is dissected. Learning from a master, I try to master a new story. So odd that this creative task begins with such a concrete foundation. But here I go again. Knowing not what, if anything, will come. All I can hope is that I give some breath to new thoughts on old ideas. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel. Just to make it turn a bit faster perhaps.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Black & White Film

I was witness to something all too familiar last night. The credits rolled as people sat in the dark and applauded, for what I’m still not 100% sure. This occurred at the conclusion of Miracle at St. Anna. The new Spike Lee flick everybody is not really talking about, except for the bad reviews. But I don’t want to give my review of the film, rather my take on what happened after. The movie played for a special screening, wherein the four lead actors were trotted out after for a little praise and a lot of Q & A. I had a few accolades, a ton of questions, and only my answers to go by. For one why all the clappers? Did they want the lights on as bad as me so they could find the exit? I know I wanted out desperately. Were they happy to see courageous men fight for a country that cared not for them? I think I may have seen that on the news recently. Were they lauding the end of Tinsletown racism, because four black guys stared in a movie with a white kid on the one-sheet?
Honestly, I think the admiration came from a much different place than is normally bestowed on typical box office fare. It was not for an excellent story, but simply for a story, period. Something I see happen often in the specialty/minority genre. Because like this film, many gay titles tout the angle; we’re talking about you, who cares what we say? I do! Though this film touched on an oft overlooked footnote in African-American history, it left the audience to be satisfied with remaining marginal. Because this story, though full of effort, never became whole. Time and time again the minority audience is asked to live on crumbs because it is such a small piece of the pie. The black community gets films about racism, the gay community only tells of coming out and AIDS. There is more to both groups than these aspects, right? I understand they are large in scale in terms of shared experience, but can films please find another story? If there is ever to be equality, start with equal quality cinema.


I spent my formative years like any vegetarian raised in the “rodeo capital of the world”, out of place. After my time in Texas I headed north, free at last! I gratuated from an East Coast college in 2001 with a B.S. in BS, a.k.a. Advertising. With this all important piece of lambskin the prodigal son returned home. To work in retail for a bit, awesome timing, thanks terrorists. Then luckily, because I knew someone that knew someone, I got my first real career boost. I became an Advertising Executive for local magazine. After a year of proving myself through hard work I totally jumped ship to launch the competitor. With this first rung I gained the taste for climbing. As fate would have it I found a man with the same affinity for money and power. Together we packed up for the bright lights and big bucks of New York City. I finally arrived! Only no one bothered to tell the city that never sleeps. Well, after a year I was sick of spreading the news and needed a nap. I realized I was in the wrong place geographically and mentally. Thus, solo I sought a life in the west. So here I sit in the Marketing offices of a studio, where I collect checks for my assistance. All in the hopes of writing for television, since the T.V. is where the heart of America lays. And I just want to be loved. Okay, maybe love isn't the right word. Really I just want to be heard. And you can love or hate what what you hear/read. Just keep reading.