Friday, January 16, 2009

Mass Kill

So once again the majority got it wrong. This time the victim - Indie 103.1. The last great independent radio station in America. They bid farewell to the airwaves yesterday with no warning, now only to be found streaming online. So not the same, as I have no Internet in the car for my ride to and from work. The 25 minute commute through Laurel Canyon will never be the same jamming to KROQ or worse KISS FM. You know those stations where the masses huddle around to hear the same pop song retooled for the warbled voices of Britney and Katy "Kiss a girl" I don't remember her last name. Is it generic, no like literally, is her last name Generic? Because giving me your best Zoey Deschunel look won't make me like your craptastic vocals any more. So it was with heavy hand I hit the scan button in my car this morning and landed upon The Sound, another independent frequency. Sadly the morning DJ introduced the Delta Spirit with a mellow smooth jazz monotoned voice, reminding me why I hate change.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year! I hope all are happy and well. I know I am. This year has brought me great luck. First, I made it to another birthday yesterday. Second, I will have a new writing gig starting shortly. Please feel free to check out and follow And last, but definitely not least, apparently writing a Romantic Comedy leads to just that. I highly recommend it. So to 2009 I say chin chin.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Been a long time

Wow, it's been ages since I've written something on here. Blame the holidays and multiple scripts in the pipeline. But let's focus in on something of recent note, "Day Without A Gay". I have to say I unfortunately think it was a bust. For many reasons. One being the lack of participation. In a downturn economy I can understand the lack of enthusiasm for protesting one's job when you actually have one. Luckily my company was kind and I took the day off with approval.

While off, I volunteered with Project Angel Food. A great organization that welcomed other protesters to prep food for the home bound. But funny thing happened while there, I was interviewed. By KTLA perhaps? A local gay newspaper? Nope. Actually by a Canadian radio station and an Italian TV outlet. Weird right? The U.S. media has given up covering the cause while internationally they still find interest. And I can't think of why this could be. Any thought? Also anyone have "Day Without A Gay" stories to share?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Gay, straight, black, white. See MILK tonight! Or tomorrow, or the day after, or whenever, just go see it.

MILK's bitter sweet relevance allows it to become more than an Oscar worthy film. It transcends the biopic trappings in part because of a great writing, directing and acting. But more so, because the historical parallels to modern day are just plain eerie. California found itself engrossed in a Gay Rights battle thirty years ago in the form of a numbered proposition put to popular vote. Sound familiar?

Only then the gay community had a leader in the form of a displaced New York Jew finally standing for something in his forties. Now we have no Milk. Only then California's majority voted to sustain the rights of its minorities. Now we don't have that. Only then we had hope of things getting better. Now, do we have that?

I hope so. And Milk gave me that hope. Both the man and the movie.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


"Sacramento or bust?" was my battle cry Monday. Now it is simply, bust. The joys of be a struggling aspiring writer with not so stellar health insurance. One doctor's bill later and my plans for protest have been to put to rest. So unfortunately I will be sidelined for this one. I hope those with the means to attend will do just that. As for me I will be here in LA writing away. Hopefully, making this mean an end to my own personal struggle with my wallet. Why again did I decide to start over and go for my dreams? Because now it's kind of a nightmare.

Monday, November 17, 2008

So this is a very interesting post and it goes along with what I first started saying on here.

I totally agree. We need new leadership. The current lobby group is bloated and boring. Time to shake things up. And in that effort the movement continues and we protest. Who was at a rally Saturday? You know the big one happening at City Hall in 300 cities in all 50 states and 10 countries world-wide (cited Hopefully, you were. There are few excuses that fly for not attending. It was the big one on scale of national visibility.

I attend the one here in the heart of the action - Los Angeles. It was amazing. I want to give great thanks to both the Los Angeles metro rail (for the free rides given to everyone!) and L.A.P.D.(for organization and understanding). What saddens me though is that news outlets are under reporting the turn out of many a march. CNN said 12,000 came together in downtown L.A. Saturday. Try more like 25,000. That is a huge error in counting. And we are showing up to count. To count as people. To count as first class citizens. To count for something. So I hope this does not become a trend. I want people to know the GLBT community is serious. We will give up brunch and body sculpting to fight for our rights. Right?

Friday, November 14, 2008