Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Gay, straight, black, white. See MILK tonight! Or tomorrow, or the day after, or whenever, just go see it.

MILK's bitter sweet relevance allows it to become more than an Oscar worthy film. It transcends the biopic trappings in part because of a great writing, directing and acting. But more so, because the historical parallels to modern day are just plain eerie. California found itself engrossed in a Gay Rights battle thirty years ago in the form of a numbered proposition put to popular vote. Sound familiar?

Only then the gay community had a leader in the form of a displaced New York Jew finally standing for something in his forties. Now we have no Milk. Only then California's majority voted to sustain the rights of its minorities. Now we don't have that. Only then we had hope of things getting better. Now, do we have that?

I hope so. And Milk gave me that hope. Both the man and the movie.

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